Ready to File your Return and You OWE MONEY!

Taxpayers could unexpectedly owe taxes at the end of the year. If Taxpayers are self-employed, or have other income wherein taxes have not been withheld, they should make quarterly estimated tax payments. Another reason for a Taxpayer owing taxes at the

Not Filed Your Tax Return?

There are various reasons why a Taxpayer might not timely file a Tax Return. If you don’t file on time and you owe money to IRS, you will find yourself paying more than merely tax. IRS charges penalties and interest associated

What You Need to Know About IRS Outstanding Inactive Tax Receivables

October 2016

Legislation enacted in 12/15 (FAST ACT – Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act)) required IRS to utilize private debt collection agencies to collect inactive federal tax debts. Starting SPRING 2017, IRS will use private debt collectors to pursue overdue federal tax

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Global Radar’s CEO Commentary on De-Risking 101 Webinar


Global RADAR Exclusive: Industry Insider Simplifies De-Risking De-Risking is defined as a situation where financial institutions terminate or restrict business relationships with certain categories of customer. The concept of “De-Risking” as it pertains to the financial services landscape of the

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Received a Bill from the IRS?

If you receive a Bill from the IRS and you ignore it, the amount you owe will continue to grow. IRS may take action to collect the amount due like attaching your bank account or garnishing your wages. The IRS

Filed your Tax Return but Didn’t PAY?

You are a Taxpayer that filed Tax Returns, but did not pay your tax owed. Now you have received a bill for unpaid taxes. Perhaps you didn’t make federal tax deposits, or sufficient estimated tax payments, nor had enough taxes

Are you Eligible for an IRS Offer in Compromise?

August 2016

IRS has a program called Offer in Compromise (OIC) which allows eligible Taxpayers to settle a tax debt with IRS for less than the full amount owed.  Not all Taxpayers are eligible.    The OIC is not available to partnerships, corporations,

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Should Professional Service Providers Assume Greater AML Vigilance Responsibilities?

August 2016

Because they are known as “gatekeepers” in the financial industry, Professional Service Providers (PSPs), Bankers, Brokers, Realtors, Casino Managers, Trust Fund Managers, Money Managers, etc., carry a level of responsibility and share financial intelligence according to the Financial Action Task

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On-boarding and Off-boarding Bank Clients

July 2016

Why is On-boarding and Off-boarding Bank Clients Important After the Panama Papers, and with the recent FinCEN final Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rule, U.S. financial institutions are further focused on tightening internal controls against money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions prevention,

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