Bitcoins and the IRS: Reporting and Storing

December 2018

Possession of virtual currency, also known as cryptocurrency, is legal in the U.S. as well as many other parts of the world. The most well-known form of virtual currency is Bitcoin. There are other virtual currencies that function in the

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Will Bankers = Law Enforcers on 5/11/18?

December 2018

On May 2016, FinCEN issued a “Fifth Pillar” of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) calling it the “CDD Rule”, which currently takes effect on May 11, 2018.   The CDD Rule applies to Covered Financial Institutions (federally regulated banks, federally insured credit

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Many are now looking for IRS Guidance on Virtual Currency

December 2018

Due to its unprecedented level of value appreciation, Bitcoin investors, consumers and businesses are looking for IRS Guidance.  IRS recognizes that “virtual currency” may be used to pay for goods or services, or be held for investment; and that its

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What you need to know about Tax Court

December 2017

The US Tax Court is a Federal trial court established by Congress.  It is independent from the IRS.  The mission of Tax Court is to resolve disputes between Taxpayers and IRS. Tax Court has the authority to provide rulings on

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Are You Receiving Income From the “Sharing Economy”? You might owe Taxes and Penalties

December 11 2017

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Do you know which Business Structure to choose when starting a New Business?

December 2017

When opening a new business, electing a business structure is an important decision.  The business structure elected can affect how much will be paid in entity income taxes, record-keeping requirements,  how much personal  tax liability might be incurred, if any,

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Bumping Into Crimes: A CPA Call to Action

November 30 2017

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Here is What you Need to Do in Order to Have Stress-Free Foreign Accounts

October 2017

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Bolivia en la Vanguardia del Cumplimiento


Please join us on Wednesday, October 4th at FIBA (Free Webinar) from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM for a conversation with Dr. Alejandro Taboada – Executive Director  of UIF Bolivia.  r   Register here:  

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Taxpayer, Was Your Conduct Non-willful?

September 25, 2017

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At risk…….. Tax experts say tourism will pay if de-risking is ignored

August 2017

Speaking to the media today, ahead of a seminar to be held here next week on matters relating to FATCA, Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and de-risking, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foodman CPAs & Advisors Stanley Foodman said if

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