Understanding OFAC

OFAC, or The Office of Foreign Assets Control, administers and enforces economic trade sanctions. Please be aware of the laws governing your business or person if doing business outside of the U.S. while inside the U.S. Isabelle Wheeler from Foodman, P.A. discusses.

How Financial Institutions are Regulated

Every financial institution in the U.S. is supervised by a federal regulator. Foodman’s Isabelle Wheeler discusses the differences in their regulation.

Preparing an Effective BSA/AML Risk Assessment

Banks are expected to use a risk-based approach in their compliance program. Isabelle Wheeler of Foodman, PA discusses how to prepare that risk assessment.

Policy Manual Dos and Don’ts

Your company’s compliance manual should do more than just meet the necessary standards. It should provide a roadmap for your organization. Listen more as Isabelle Wheeler of Foodman CPAs and Advisors discusses the dos and don’ts of what your compliance policy manual should contain.

De-Risking 101: The Fundamentals of De-Risking by Stanley Foodman, CPA, CFE, CFF, CAMS, CGMA, TEP – CEO of Foodman CPAs & Advisors

The Urban Legend of Double Taxation

De-risking, The impact on wealth management. [WEBINAR]

View this one hour webinar in which Stanley Foodman, CEO and Found of Foodman CPAs & Advisors, discusses how high wealth individuals can de-risk themselves.

Offshore Banking Responsibilities and Penalties

Are you a US Citizen and own and Offshore Account? Then this is a must-see. Stanley Foodman, of Foodman & CPAs & Advisors details the responsibilities of filing with the IRS and the penalties for not doing so.

Adequate Books and Records

Stanley Foodman provides expert guidance on the importance of keeping adequate books and records, and the penalties for not doing so. Not maintaining adequate books and records is considered to be an act of negligence to the IRS. If you’re under audit, or if you are not sure if you are in compliance, call us.

Stanley Foodman A CPA Perspective on FATCA

South Florida Legal Guide Panelist Stanley Foodman presents a CPA’s perspective on FATCA.

Foodman CPAs & Advisors Talk 360

Stanley I. Foodman provides expert guidance in the legality and pertinent aspects of owning an offshore account, and the potential penalties for not filing with the IRS correctly.

Legality and Potential Penalties of Owning Offshore Accounts

Do you have offshore accounts? Have you reported them to the IRS? Are you sure you are receiving good advice? You need to talk to Foodman CPAs & Advisors, an international tax specialty boutique.