Founded over 40 years ago as pioneers in the forensic accounting field, we have grown with our clients because we work for the long-term relationship with those who choose to hire us as partners. Foodman CPAs & Advisors strives to provide each and every partner with knowledge and expertise that is unmatched among others. We want each of our clients to feel like they’re our top priority, no matter what legal or tax difficulties they might be facing. We’re dedicated to our partners because we invest the most time, energy and expertise possible on each project.

Partners of Foodman CPAs & Advisors are entitled to:

  • Excellence – the right people doing their best work. We are passionate about our work, our partners and our industry. We work to instill excellence in each project we put our hands on.
  • Tenacity – the persistence to find solutions that make a difference. We will work diligently to find every solution possible and the best possible result for each project.
  • Integrity – our commitment to the type of ethical business practices we demand for ourselves. We understand that integrity makes great professionals and everything that we put our name on is a reflection of our integrity.

What differentiates Foodman CPAs & Advisors?

Our ability to solve Complex Tax Matters issues is the primary differentiator.

If you are a High Net Worth individual and you appreciate a value proposition, experience and knowledge, Foodman CPAs & Advisors is the place for you, your future and the future of your family.

While you might be under the umbrella of a “one stop shop”, consider whether you are receiving honest professional advice regarding expenses and investments. Also consider whether your evaluations are based on commissions or suitability.

If you want to know about:

  • Being a victim of a phone tax scam
  • How to lower your taxes
  • What to do if you haven’t filed your taxes in a number of years
  • If you owe the IRS taxes and you don’t have money to pay them
  • You received a 1099 and you don’t understand why you have to pay so much in taxes
  • Under what circumstances the IRS may levy your account
  • What are the IRS perks when working outside of the U.S.
  • If the estate of my parents be levied by the IRS for unreported offshore financial assets

Call Foodman CPAs & Advisors for an honest, value driven proposition that can ease your mind and help you solve your tax situation.