A rapidly changing regulatory environment, world-wide fiscal transparency initiatives, enhanced financial statement standards, United States and international tax reporting requirements and our quest to preserve our wealth and capital, are just a few of the challenges facing all of us. Foodman CPAs & Advisors has experience with strategically addressing all of these issues. We are engaged by criminal defense and commercial/civil litigators on behalf of clients and by clients directly. We are known for our ability to simplify complexity, and make it understandable and for presenting easy to understand opinions in a legal setting. Our goal is to look beyond the numbers and outside of the details.

We are comfortable meeting with legal counsel and clients to discuss their needs and the mechanics of the situations for which we are retained.

During non-litigation advisory engagements we will sit with our clients and inquire about the actual ongoing details about your business. For instance: How do you manage risk? What risks are associated with your business? How are you managing your staff? Do you have internal audit and control policies and procedures in place?

We will help you develop a strategy, with which you are comfortable, for ensuring that you have a clear current vision of your financial status and a practical way forward based on your present circumstances.
We have worked with a number of medium sized non-public businesses in need of an objective analysis of their current situation and have successfully provided business-turn-around services permitting the owners of those businesses to recover their peace of mind. Our methodology is proprietary providing both owners and employees with tools and practical methods and procedures for successfully going forward together.

We have been retained as outside loan portfolio analysts and loan credit application analysts for private lending businesses bringing our firm’s more than 120 years of professional experience with small to medium-sized business consulting to bear on our analysis; resulting in significant reductions in loan portfolio write-downs.
During court-appointed receivership engagements, we have uncovered fiduciary misuse of significant amounts of entity funds and cash flow; enhancing the ability of the Court-Appointed Receivers retaining us to recover amounts of funds not otherwise easily recoverable.

Over the years, the depth and breadth of our experience has enabled us to provide high-net-worth clients with the analytics and a point of view that both assists them with avoiding costly investment mistakes and helps protect them from becoming victims of their own making with regard to their regulatory and fiscal reporting responsibilities.

The law enforcement background of our firm’s founder has brought an added dimension of breadth and depth and an enhanced toolkit to our litigation engagements unavailable to colleagues without this background.


Advisory Services Include:

  • Business Valuations
  • Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Internal Analysis of the current state of your business
  • Analysis of Current Internal Control Policies & Procedures with Recommendations
  • Analysis of Licensing Agreements for Franchise and Dealership Acquisitions
  • Loan Portfolio & Credit Risk Analysis
  • Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Wealth Planning
  • Government Consulting

  • Business Turn-Around Services
  • Inward Bound and Outward Bound Immigration Tax Planning and Services
  • Expatriation Tax Services
  • Complex International Tax Issues
  • Complex Domestic Tax Issues
  • Independent Controllership Services
  • Court Appointed Receivership and Federal Bankruptcy Consulting and Analysis Services
  • Bar Association Trust Account Analysis & Error Mitigation Services
  • Economic Crime Defense Services
  • Economic Crime Victim Services