“Thanks to Stanley Foodman for assisting my client with staying out of trouble.  Stanley prepared all the financial evidence and analysis for court against my client’s accusation of misuse of funds”.

By Ralph, Criminal Attorney, New York

“Nuestra institución financiera recibió una notificación del IRS FATCA Event of Default. Foodman nos representó ante el IRS y pudimos rescatar nuestro GIIN.  Gracias Foodman.”

By Maria, Oficial FATCA, Bolivia

“Foodman provided an independent review and testing of our BSA/AML and OFAC compliance program.  They assisted us in the preparation of the Risk Assessment matrix and report.  In addition, they provided training for the Board of Directors, the Compliance Unit and the general staff.  We are extremely grateful for their help and assistance and recommend their services to anyone that needs help fine-tuning their AML/BSA processes.”

By Mark, BSA Officer, Miami, FL

"Utilizamos los servicios de asesoría de Foodman para una revisión y prueba independiente de nuestro programa de cumplimiento.  Nos ayudaron con nuestros informes de riesgo, evaluación de los riesgos de violaciones de corrupción pública, evaluación de la suficiencia del personal de la Unidad de Cumplimiento, y evaluación de las políticas y procedimientos.  Hemos quedado sumamente satisfechos y confiados que tenemos todo en orden."

By Juan, Oficial de Cumplimiento, San Juan, Costa Rica

"As head of the FATCA Compliance Team for a major International Bank, I want to point out that we have received the most relevant assistance and guidance to tackle our internal FATCA challenges.  This is a very cumbersome process that can easily take away valuable time.  The road map that we have received from the Foodman Team has been practical and has allowed us to be compliant in a cost effective way.  The advisors at Foodman understand both the Tax regulation and the Products and Services of International Banking."

By Mariana, Compliance Officer, Ecuador

"Como parte de la implementación del proyecto FATCA, nuestra entidad decidió adquirir el servicio de Mesa de Ayuda de FATCA de Foodman, el cual nos ayudó de forma bastante práctica a aclarar diversas dudas y consultas de la regulación, así como a tener una clara interpretación de aspectos relevantes de la norma, en particular por tratarse de una regulación norteamericana a la cual era necesario darle un enfoque para entidades de Sudamérica. Por otro lado, hemos recibido a través de este servicio, no sólo respuesta a nuestras inquietudes, sino también información acerca de las mejores prácticas de la industria respecto a la implementación de FATCA. Considero que este servicio nos ayudó también a reforzar el programa de Cumplimiento de FATCA y tener un mejor entendimiento de las obligaciones de la regulación."

By División de Cumplimiento, Lima, Perú

"De forma periódica recibimos información acerca del Noticiero de Foodman, en el cual se incluyen comentarios relevantes acerca de nuevas tendencias y la perspectiva actual no sólo de FATCA, sino también sobre nuevas regulaciones de transparencia fiscal, los cuales son de valiosa ayuda a efectos de estar al tanto de nuevas tendencias mundiales que pudieran afectar el desarrollo de negocios de nuestras entidades."

By División de Cumplimiento, Managua, Nicaragua

“Foodman CPA & Advisors is my resource center.  They understand the FATCA challenge, and saw it coming a long time ago.  From them, we can source our policies & procedures, strategies and compliance requirements and deadlines.  Most importantly, their FATCA Helpdesk is the only place we can go to get timely and accurate responses that we can understand."

By Compliance Officer, Guatemala

"Our country is in the Early Adopters Group for the Common Reporting Standard – CRS.  As the Responsible Officer for FATCA for our Bank, I was given the task of CRS.  Although similar in concept, there are many differences and more work.  Through the Foodman Help Desk, my team was able to get organized and implement the new account procedures.  We feel that we will be ready for the first exchange of information that will take place in 2017 for us."

By Sebastián, bank based in Bogota, Colombia

"We hired Foodman CPAs & Advisors to assist us in a commercial litigation matter.  Our firm needed the expertise of a Forensic Accountant in order to win the case.  Stanley has investigative intuitiveness and will find whatever is hidden.  His documentation process was easily understood as he was able to simplify all the information.  He was very clear with his approach and reporting, and developed metrics for success that were real and doable."

By Partner at a AM LAW 100 Law Firm

"Stanley and his team have been an educational resource for me personally as a High Net Worth Individual, and owner of several businesses that likes to invest worldwide. They stayed in touch with me at all times, kept me informed, asked me questions and listened to my feedback. The planning, preparation and information gathering process was painless. Our tax situation was complicated as it involved several jurisdictions and cross-border activities. At the end, Stanley’s analytical skills clearly came through, as did his opinions and recommendations.  Great results!"

By John, San Jose, Costa Rica

"Stanley is what I consider to be an Influencer.  His recommendations have strategically assisted me in preserving and growing my net worth, and be fully tax compliant."

By Stephanie from Miami, Florida