Can you identify a Misappropriation Scheme?

December 2019

Misappropriation is the use of property or funds of another person for an unauthorized purpose.  In misappropriation, the perpetrator steals or misuses an organization’s belongings and resources; usually without force.  The organization’s assets can be misappropriated by an employee, a

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Los Contadores Forenses son “Detectives Privados”

November 2019

El entorno actual de cambio creciente, las presiones económicas, la globalización, la tecnología, el gobierno corporativo, el cumplimiento y la complejidad de las transacciones financieras son las fuerzas impulsoras del inicio del fraude. Además, la desesperación económica, un solo evento

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Forensic Accountants are “Private Detectives”

November 2019

The current environment of increasing change, economic pressures, globalization, technology, corporate governance, compliance and the complexity of financial transactions are driving forces behind fraud initiation.   In addition, economic despair, a single unfavorable event, illness, negative cash flows or deteriorating creditworthiness

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Varsity Blues, the “Charity” and how a Forensic Accountant can be a Silver Bullet!

May 2019

The forensic accounting skillset of FBI Special Agent, Mrs. Laura Smith, is receiving a lot of credit for her work in the largest college scandal in

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Should Business Owners rely on Whistleblowers or Forensic Accountants?

December 2018

According to a recent Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Blog entry (11/28/18),

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Check-Ups

February 2018

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Conflict of Interest: When professional judgement is compromised….

January 2018

Conflicts of interest can arise at any time during a professional engagement.  According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA),  “A conflict of interest may occur if a member performs a professional service for a client or employer

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Bumping Into Crimes: A CPA Call to Action

November 30 2017

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The Accountant and the Paradise Papers

November 2017

Under U.S. Tax Law, it is appropriate for an Accountant to advise a US Taxpayer regarding his tax efficiency if the Taxpayer wants to pay less tax and accumulate wealth.  While tax avoidance is legal and encouraged by the IRS, tax

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After the Storm: Forensic Accounting = Record Reconstruction

October 2017

IRS is authorized to grant certain relief that may help Taxpayers and Businesses recover financially from the impact of a disaster when the federal government declares their location to be a major disaster area.  IRS could grant additional time to

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Methods of Proof: How IRS Can Prove That a Taxpayer Didn’t Report Income

August 7, 2017

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