Offshore Banking Responsibilities and Penalties – Video

January 2016

Do you have offshore accounts? Is so, this is a must-see! Stanley Foodman, of Foodman CPAs & Advisors fields questions regarding the responsibilities of an offshore account owner and filing with the IRS.

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El I.R.S. va a determinar si usted puede viajar al extranjero

December 2015

Si usted le debe al I.R.S., su pasaporte podría ser cancelado, revocado o no renovado. En palabras simples, la Oficina de Responsabilidad del Gobierno estudió el tema de la emisión de pasaportes para recaudar impuestos, y tuvieron éxito, porque la

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I.R.S. continues to diligently track down the Tax Cheaters worldwide

October 2015

The money is leaving Switzerland, but where is it going? The I.R.S. and the Department of Justice think Singapore and Israel. They know because the Swiss Banks have told I.R.S. agents where the money went. The Swiss Bank have done

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Game on. Hiding money offshore is a sure strike-out!

August 2015

The I.R.S. kicked off its Game against the offshore tax evaders successfully, meeting its September 30th deadline. The star of the Game is the new kid that has been “in the works” over the last five years, also known as

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Moving Basics for Expats

June, 2014

Moving Basics for Expats

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FATCA – The IRS Goes Global

October, 2013

Link to IRS – Road to FATCA Article

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FATCA – The IRS Goes Global

Download the PDF Version of This Article Since Sept. 11, a confluence of factors has resulted in the establishment of much stronger international tax compliance rules and enforcement procedures for U.S. taxpayers. Two very different federal priorities, (1) preventing and

More Advice on International Tax Compliance

May 12, 2011

What could the U.S businessman have done to avoid the stress, aggravation and financial loss of this encounter with the IRS? For U.S. taxpayers with international business structures, foreign financial accounts, holdings and properties here in Costa Rica (and other


Don’t underestimate IRS’s new foreign tax rules

April 4, 2011

Taxpayers who have not accurately reported and paid taxes on international business structures, foreign financial accounts, holdings and properties are at greater risk than ever of fines and prosecution. For U.S. taxpayers living or doing business abroad, Uncle Sam can

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