Since the Global Financial Crisis that began in 2007, domestic and international Taxpayers have been under increasing scrutiny. The financial system has been heavily regulated and closely monitored. In addition, the US Tax Gap (amount of taxes owed to the Government and the amount of taxes that are voluntarily paid on time) continues to be a driver in the US for raising additional sources of revenue. According to IRS, underreporting of income tax, employment taxes and other taxes represent approximately 80 percent of the US Tax Gap. Tax “Underreporting” involves individuals understating their incomes, taking improper deductions, overstating business expenses and erroneously claiming credits. A significant number of U.S. Taxpayers are US citizens and Residents who live and work abroad. For the past ten years, the US has undertaken initiatives such as FATCA and “staffing up” the IRS criminal Investigation Unit (IRS-CI) to combat tax evasion, and report sources of revenue from undeclared offshore accounts to the US.